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Do you want to promote your site in the TOP without getting distracted from other things? Wizard will do everything for you! With Wizard, you do not need to be a SEO specialist. Now everyone can promote a site in search engines.
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You are engaged in professional website promotion – Wizard will simplify your work.
You are new to SEO – Wizard will help you avoid making many mistakes.
You don’t want to learn SEO – Wizard will give out ready-made recommendations that you just need to follow.
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Simple to use

Wizard – a system with an intuitive interface, developed by professionals for a wide range of users. The interface has flexible settings, which allows you to adapt it to your needs.

You choose the budget for promotion yourself

Wizard will calculate the optimal budget for promotion taking into account all individual factors.

Free recommendations

Recommendations for optimization are among the priorities of our work. Wizard will prepare free advice on improving each page of the site being promoted.


Our team employs professional analysts and SEO specialists who are always ready to help you in solving your problems of promotion in the search engines. If you do not want to delve into the subtleties of SEO, your personal manager will do all the work.

Comprehensive approach to SEO

Wizard is not limited to buying links only: our task is to influence the site in a comprehensive manner. Achieving the best results requires also placement of articles, contextual advertising, as well as activity in social networks, work on texts and correction of technical errors, and much more.

Convenient tracking of results

A well-designed report system in the Wizard allows you to monitor your advertising campaign and stay constantly aware of its results. All reports are available at any time convenient for you.

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Quality help for a SEO specialist

Help in forming the links mass

Preparation of an anchor list, selection of donors on dozens of parameters, thoughtful placement of rented, social and permanent links, daily evaluation of placement efficiency- this is only part of the tasks solved by Wizard. And you can always adjust your promotion strategies at your sole discretion.

Effective strategies, developed by the best analysts based on the analysis of search engine algorithms and thousands of successful projects.

Help in selection of semantic core

Semantic core is the basis for promotion of any site in search engines. Forming it with Wizard is a simple task for anyone. There are several ways to create a project in the system:

  • manual
  • simplified
  • with an assistant

The system helps to select only relevant queries for promotion of each site.

Contextual advertising

The instrument makes placement of contextual advertising as simple and convenient as possible. The advertising campaign starts instantly - you start showing ads and immediately begin to receive calls and requests. This brings to the site only the target audience according to the selected queries, not useless traffic.

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The main thing that should be noted is that the service is really high-tech. I immediately appreciated the functionality of Wizard. The whole range of works on promotion of sites is surprisingly fast and efficient. The technical implementation is well thought out; the interface is clear and convenient.
It is very difficult to find an adequate and good optimizer, which would have the same efficiency on all fronts: internal optimization, link optimization, and increasing conversion rates. Using Wizard, we solved some of the tasks on internal and links optimization, and our best people focused on increasing conversion of client sites. Facilitating the processes of improving the site’s selling properties is almost impossible, but, as promised, we can expect that from Wizard in the future.
We started using Wizard several months ago. And have already appreciated its advantages. It helps to solve complex problems, saves budget. It is convenient for tracking the positions in Yandex. ‘Freezing’ the purchase of links upon reaching the necessary positions, preset in the service, immediately affected the efficiency of budget spending and allowed for significant savings. The recently introduced procurement of permanent links in published news is an incredibly useful functionality for us.
Our team checked the Wizard in action. I can say with confidence that this tool is a new word in website promotion. Wizard is great for working with a large array of links. The most useful for us was the possibility of fine-tuning the promotion strategy.
We tried out the new service, and were pleasantly surprised with it. The advantages, I’d like to point out, are really tough filtering, clear criteria for selection of link donors. While working with the service, we noted selection of really good and cleanest donors as well as smooth purchase of links.
Website promotion in Wizard is:
Our support are analysts and experts in the field of search engine promotion. We do not leave our customers 1 on 1 with search engines; we help them to achieve the best results of an advertising campaign in every possible way.
Free recommendations
The system will prepare you free recommendations for improving your site
Everything you need to promote to the top of Yandex and Google - in one place
Full site scanning
Free identification of all critical technical errors that prevent site promotion
Simple to use
Anyone can dive into Wizard, you do not need any special technical knowledge
Contextual advertising
We do not promise you the result the next day, we guarantee it. Connect contextual advertising activity – as simple as all the other tools, and get results tomorrow.
Quality analytics
Convenient tracking of promotion results
Intelligent site analysis
Free, detailed recommendations on texts, titles, meta tags
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